The most popular posts of 2013

December 31, 2013


As we prepare for the new year, I want to take a moment to reflect on the most popular posts of 2013 here on Museum Diary:

1. Kids in Museums: Take them early, take them often, take them everywhere!

This post from April 2013 was by far the most popular post of the year, and I’m really glad about that because it’s a topic I am and remain very passionate about. You can be sure of more ‘Kids in Museums’ in 2014!

top5 of 2013 - nr1

2. Museum Craft Corner: Origami Sumo Wrestlers

The Museum Craft Corner posts are very popular in general, but your favourite one in the past year was this Origami Sumo Wrestlers Game from 2012. A perfect handmade gift for any occasion, for museum lovers, kids and those young at heart.

top 5 in 2013 - nr2

3. If you don’t feel it, don’t blog it!

Speaking at ‘The Hive European Blog Conference’ in May 2013 was one of my highlights of the year. I’m please my review of the event – which includes a download of the complete copy of my presentation! – was popular too.

top5 of 2013 nr3

4. How to survive a ‘Long Night of Museums’

It all started in Berlin, now ‘long nights of museums’ have become a phenomenon around the world. It’s no surprise then, that my ‘how to’ guide from 2012 still proves popular.

top 5 in 2013 nr 4

5. Museum City Guide: My Top 5 in Berlin

As long as we are living in Berlin, I’ll no doubt keep getting asked for museum recommendations. Just as well I have this handy post to refer people too, which has helped it to make it on to the ‘most popular’ list.

top 5 in 2013 nr 5

Many thanks to all my readers, and I hope you continue to enjoy reading Museum Diary in 2014!




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