Gift Guide for Museum Lovers

December 18, 2013


Only one more week until Christmas, but still plenty of time to get some last minute shopping squeezed in. If you are looking for the perfect gift for the museum lover in your life, look no further. These suggestions will delight kids and adults alike. And yes, I am speaking for myself ;)



For all those who would love nothing more than to own their own little museum, there are quite a few toys out there to choose from.

  1. Definitely one of the coolest museum toys out there at the moment, is this deluxe Lego Museum Break-in set. It says recommended for ages 6-12 on the box, but don’t let that mislead you. Pretty much every major museum geek I know has this at the top of their wish list. Loose yourself in happy Lego childhood memories, or recreate your favourite museum heist movie! Available from Amazon in the UK, USA and Germany.
  2. Speaking of heists, in a follow up to last year’s Advent Calendar, Playmobil also have a Museum Break-in set. It actually doesn’t seem to be part of the current collection any more, but is still available on Amazon in the UK and USA.
  3. And finally, moving away from the heists, how about a 3D model of the Rijksmuseum with none other than the famous rabbit Miffy as a visitor?! Available at the Rijkmuseum itself and in the kids section of the Rijksmuseum Web Shop.




One of my favourite gifts to give and receive, ever since I was a bookworm of a kid, is books. Here are some favourites we like to read together with #MuseumBaby.

  1. Maisie the cat is one of Edinburgh’s most infamous residents. In my all time favourite edition,What Maisie Did Next takes Maisie and her readers to the National Museum of Scotland. The illustrations include objects – or interpretations thereof – you can see for real at the museum. It’s quite long-ish for a picture book, but our 3 year old can sit through it. Available from Amazon UK and from third party sellers on Amazon USA. Not available in German,
  2. Another Maisy, this time a mouse. This visit in Maisy goes to the Museum is to a fictional museum, but covers all the usual: dinosaurs, stuffed animals, Egyptians, knights, planes, cars and rockets. It’s much shorter and simpler than the other Maisie book, and perfect for sharing with little museum lovers before or after a visit. Available on Amazon in the UK and USA. Not available in German (though other “Mausi” books have been translated).
  3. We’ve had a cat and a mouse at a museum, so why not a rabbit. Here’s Miffy again, this time at a fictional modern art gallery. Again, Miffy at the Gallery is on the shorter side and it’s also written in rhyme. Available on Amazon UK and second hand on Amazon USA. Not available in German (though other Miffy books have been translated).




And finally, everyone looks a good film at Christmas. There are so many good museum movies these days, it’s hard to pick just three.

  1. My all time favourite museum movie is the Thomas Crown Affair (1999). Don’t worry too much about the slightly unrealistic security measures, just enjoy the genius of the heist and the twist at the end. Available from Amazon in the UK, USA and Germany (‘Die Thomas Crown Affaire’).
  2. The world said farewell to legendary actor Peter O’Toole today, what better way to honour his memory than with this gem in the museum movie genre. How to Steal a Million (1966) also includes one of my favourite actresses, Audrey Hepburn. They just don’t make movies like this any more. Available on Amazon UK, USA and Germany (‘Wie klaut man eine Million’).
  3. And finally, one for the kids. You can’t help but love Curious George. This adventure take George and the Man in the Yellow Hat on an adventure through the jungle and a museum, causing some havoc along the way. Good old fashioned cartoon fun. Available on Amazon UK, USA and Germany (‘Coco – Der neugierige Affe’).

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  1. Barbara Cortili Says:

    This is a beautiful list! I am a kid at heart so I would receiving the Miffy Rijksmuseum 3D model. It’s cute and special! :)


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