Museum Advent Calendar Tip

November 29, 2013


The shops have been selling chocolate Santas and Lebkuchen since August, or so it seems, but this weekend the pre-Christmas festivities starts for real. I have to confess I am a huge fan of Advent, as you may have guessed by my last post. Who isn’t? Christmas itself always seems like almost a bit of an anti-climax after weeks of crafting, baking, mulled wine and hot roast chestnuts, Christmas markets and carol singing. So it’s going to get a little bit festive here around Museum Diary. Don’t worry, I’ll still have some great museum tips as always coming up for you, but with a bit of festive cheer thrown in. Starting with this beautiful nutcracker from the National Museum of Scotland a couple of years ago, to wish you all a very happy first of Advent for Sunday!

national museum of scotland nutcracker

There’s also a wee clue in the photo for a new edition of Museum Craft Corner coming up next week. Can you guess what it is?

And, finally for today, there are a lot of museums doing online Advent Calendars again this year. Of course, I would particularly like to recommend the YouTube Advent Calendar from Staatliche Museen zu Berlin to you (Disclaimer: I work there and managed the Advent calendar project, which was produced by an external film company). Each day there will be a story relating to one of the collections, presented in a short film clip. The question is always, is the story true of not?! It’s all in German, but if you fancy checking it out, keep an eye on the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin YouTube channel.

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