Telephones are still better than robots.

October 14, 2013

Kids in Museums, Germany

I just love the fact that on the weekends, when you ask #MuseumBaby “Shall we go out somewhere?” he’ll happily shout out “Yeah! Museum!” (usually followed by “Auto!”, but luckily there are several museums with cars in Berlin). And it was no different this past weekend. But first, of course, as for any good museum visit, he had to get his cool on!


About 18 months ago, I took #MuseumBaby to visit the Museum für Kommunikation Berlin for the first time (easily identifiable by all the lamp posts covered in museum stickers out front). I’d wanted to introduce him to the football playing robots in the entrance hall, which turned out to be a terrible idea because he was absolutely petrified and preferred playing with the telephones instead.


But now, at twice the age and twice the cool, I thought it was time to give those awesome robots another chance. And #MuseumBaby did indeed shout “Yeah! Robots!” and charge towards them – only to make a sharp U-turn and run in the opposite direction. No petrified screaming this time, so some progress was made, but he did prefer to keep a respectable distance and responded “Nein, Mama do it!” when asked if he wanted to kick the robot’s football. Oh well, maybe in another 18 months time ;)


And so we were back to playing with telephones, which never gets boring. Even less so now he’s learned to talk, so we were actually having pretend telephone conversations with each other. “It’s for you-hoo!”


And not only is he twice the age from our last visit, he’s also about twice the size (at least it seems that way) and able to reach some of the exhibits that he couldn’t the last time. The “tin can and strings” – basically a variation on his beloved telephones – were particularly mind blowing to him, and we had dad with us too this time so those two had so much fun together. It just makes me so happy to see my boys fooling around together in a museum. Simple pleasures.



Something that was new to all of us, were these floor pads (see below). We couldn’t really figure out what the point of them was, but he all had great fun stepping on the icons and making them crash in to each other. Perhaps that was the point of it. Anyway, it was fun.



And, of course, there was the car. This had been one of #MuseumBaby’s stipulations for our outing – “Yeah” Museum! Auto!” – and there’s only so many times in a row I can spend my Sunday afternoon standing next to the Trabant car at the Deutsches Technikmuseum (yes, even I have my museum limits!). This car is actually part of an interactive. In front of the car there’s a screen with three blocks numbered 1-3 and a claw. The person in the car has the controls to move the claw and stack the blocks, but can’t see the screen so is dependent on someone outside the car communicating when to move up, down, left, right etc. #MuseumBaby didn’t quite grasp the task at hand – or rather, he lacked the concentration for it – but he wasn’t far off.


On our way home we had this little conversation, which really sums the afternoon up quite well!

Dad: So, did you enjoy that?
MuseumBaby: What?
Dad: Was that fun?
MuseumBaby: What?
Me: Did. You. Like. The. Museum?
MuseumBaby: I like the car! OKAY?!!

Um, okay. Got it.


The Museum für Kommunikation is open from Tuesdays – Sundays. Full details of the various opening times and prices and be found on the museum website under “Öffnungszeiten & Eintrittspreise”.

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