Greetings from Amsterdam

September 30, 2013


As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m really excited to be attending ‘Meet the Blogger Amsterdam‘ this week. Networking with other bloggers is always fun, and my hostel is just one block away from the Rijksmuseum!


So, Museum Diary will be going on a little break this week, as I was so busy with the MuseumABC project over on Museum140 that I didn’t have time to prepare any posts in advance. But since I’ve added a few extra days for sightseeing to my trip, you can look forward to lots of photos and post about Amsterdam’s wonderful museums when I’m back!


I’m actually sitting here at the conference venue, logged in to the WiFi and waiting for things to start, so here’s a photo from my walk through Amsterdam’s canal last night – it’s a city to fall in love with at first sight!

So, have a great week and see you next week. Museum love, Jenni

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  1. Pink Like a Peach Says:

    Hello! I’ve never been to Amsterdam but from your post it does sound a very interesting and exciting place. The photograph of the canal is beautiful! I am looking forward your next adventures :) | All the best – Barbara


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