MuseumABC – U to Z

September 27, 2013


We’ve reached the end of the MuseumABC. Today I’m sharing my choices for the letters U to Z! For more details about the project, check out the Museum140 website and Pinterest boards.

U is for uniform

U is for…Uniform

At the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., USA.

V is for Video Games

V is for…Video Games

The Computerspielemuseum in Berlin, Germany, is a lot of fun!

W is for wishes

W is for…Wishes

At the Jewish Museum Berlin you can right a wish on a paper pomegranate and add it to the wishing tree.

X is for Xrays

X is for…Xrays

The Deutsches Röntgen Museum in Lennep, Germany, is the birthplace of Wilhelm Röntgen who discovered Xrays. The large X outside the museum marks the spot ;)

Y is for Yerevan

Y is for…Yerevan

From the top of the Cascade Sculpture Park in Yerevan, Armenia, you have a great bird’s eye view of the city.

Z is for zoology2

Z is for…Zoology

One of the hidden surprises at Glasgow’s Hunterian is the Zoology Museum.

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