MuseumABC – F to J

September 24, 2013


In case you missed the new yesterday, things are a bit different on Museum Diary this week. I’m sharing my A to Z choices for the MuseumABC project, which we’re running over at Museum140 for Social Media week. There’s more info on the project itself, and how you can get involved, on the Museum140 website. Here is my selection for the letters F to J:

F is for Fluorite

F is for…Fluorite

At the Museo di Scienze Naturali in Turin, Italy

G is for Ghibli

G is for…Ghibli

The amazing Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, Japan

H is for hands

H is for…Hands

A display at the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia

I is for Imagine

I is for…Imagine

Our favourite gallery at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh.

J is for Jackson

J is for…Jackson

A bust of President Andrew Jackson at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C., USA

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3 Responses to “MuseumABC – F to J”

  1. heather Says:

    I’ve finally gotten a chance to stop by and poke around your site since making a note from Blog Boss. I love what you’re doing here…the site looks terrific. Cheers!


  2. Diana Wood Says:

    J is for Jackson – hasn’t he just been Doctor Who? Spitting image!:D


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