September 12, 2013


Yesterday I had a really nice surprise in my mailbox. During Berlin’s latest Long Night of Museums a couple of weeks ago, I took part in a quiz at the Currywurst Museum. Entry was on the back of a postcard.


I didn’t win anything, but the museum sent on the postcard with a nice little message: “Curry-thanks for your participation in our quiz – sadly you didn’t win. Many greetings from the museum!” Since I’d already filled in my address as part of the quiz entry, all they had to do was stick on a stamp and their message and post it.


So, even though I didn’t win a prize in the quiz, it was a nice surprise to receive a little message from the museum in my mailbox, instead of just the usual bills and adverts.  And now I have the postcard as a souvenir of my visit too. What a lovely idea!


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