Meet Museum Diary in Amstersdam

September 6, 2013


I’ve been asked before, why there aren’t more museums from the Netherlands featured on my blog. The reason is, that despite spending numerous holidays there when I was younger, these were all in small seaside towns and apart from the Schiphol Airport I have never visited any museums there. But that’s about to change!


End of this month I am flying to Amsterdam for a few days. Primarily to attend ‘Meet the Blogger’, but since it’s also my birthday that weekend before (hint, hint), I’ve added on a few extra days to explore some of Amsterdam’s amazing museums. If you have any great tip’s let me know. I’m also thrilled to be featured on the ‘Meet the Blogger’ website this week, where they are introducing some of the attendees. Here’s a screen shot, but check out the ‘Meet the Blogger Amsterdam‘ site for the full feature.

Have a great weekend everyone, and happy museum-ing!


2 Responses to “Meet Museum Diary in Amstersdam”

  1. Farbenfreundin Says:

    … bin in Amsterdam vorbei gekommen am. Handtaschenmuseum, Cheese Museum, Tulpenmuseum. Ach, und dann war da noch das Hausboot-Museum.
    Check it out! Und ich freu mich natürlich auf ein Wiedersehen nach TheHive nun bei MTBAMS.


    • Jenni Fuchs Says:

      Hausboot Museum habe ich nicht mehr geschafft (bin aber dran vorbei gekommen). Aber die Handtaschen, Tulpen & Käse Museen waren alle sehr interessant :)


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