The funny things my kid says in museums

August 14, 2013

Kids in Museums

For a two year old, #MuseumBaby says quite a few smart things when we visit museums. For example, pointing out that in a painting the man with three legs has one too many, or that a horse drawn carriage is like a car but without an engine. But sometimes he also says things that just make me laugh!


It first happened when we were visiting the Museum of Applied Arts in Schloss Köpenick and #MuseumBaby discovered the painted ceilings. This concept was mind blowing to him, and he proceeded to loudly proclaim “Wow!” ever time he entered a new room and spotted another painted ceiling – much to the amusement of the gallery attendants. This has recently been extended to “Wow! Cool!!“. I have no idea where he picked up “cool”, possibly at nursery, but it’s really quite funny to watch him walking around a gallery until he spots something he really likes, such as at the Deutsches Technikmuseum in the aviation gallery last weekend (see exhibit above): “Mama! Look! Ein Flugzeug-Auto! Wow! Cool!!”


Ever since #MuseumBaby has been old enough to walk around museums on his own, we’ve been trying to teach him when it’s okay to touch exhibits and when it’s not okay. This is helped greatly by museums, who use pictograms to convey this information, and he now knows – and will quite happily pass this information on to anyone nearby willing to listen – the meaning of “No hands!” signs. The Deutsches Technikmuseum also has “No feet!” signs, instructing you not to walk in or on to certain areas. However, on our last visit we discovered they had a variation of this sign, which usually shows a pair of crossed out shoes/footprints (hence #MuseumBaby’s “No feet!” mantra), which caused him to loudly eclaim “Look Mama! No men!!” (see above).


The final anecdote is one that repeats itself over and over again, no matter which museum we visit, but it still cracks me up every single time. Obviously, many museums are full of old objects, and in many cases these objects are worn, damaged or broken. It’s a big concept for a two year old to understand. I don’t know what’s funnier – #MuseumBaby going around galleries pointing at things and loudly exclaiming “Oh! Kaputt!!” in a surprised tone of voice, or his quite sorrowful and earnest face when he follows this up with “Schade!” (Engl: Shame!). He was quite inconsolable that some of the airplanes at the Deutsches Technikmuseum were so badly damaged (see above), but all the more happy for the airplanes that were “feeling better”!

5 Responses to “The funny things my kid says in museums”

  1. Katie Bowell Says:

    I think my German is at just about the same level as #MuseumBaby’s…


  2. Renata Says:

    I love how kids give a whole new meaning for things! Also, it’s so interesting how they create a persona for objects. Oh wait! I still do that!


  3. AndreasP Says:

    The funny story about the overwhelming ceilings reminded me of the following image from 1824:,_Admiring_the_Ceiling,_1824.jpg



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