Foto Frage Freitag #2

July 12, 2013


A couple of weeks ago, I introduced you to “Foto Frage Freitag” – an online project where Steffi from the German blog Ohhhmhhh poses 5 questions each Friday, to which anyone can then respond through photographs. It was also the first time I participated with Museum Diary, since the questions aren’t always relevant to museums, but this week I felt they were a natural fit again. I hope you enjoy my selection of museum snippets and wish you all a wonderful weekend!

1. What are you planning? (Was hast du vor?)

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I’m planning a four day trip to Hamburg later this month, to explore the wonderful world of museums they have there. With so much choice, it will be a challenge to fit everything in I want to see!

(Image source: screen shot of

2. What are you wearing?(Was hast du an?)


With the slightly cooler summer weather we’ve been having just now, I’m wearing my denim jacket with a selection of my favourite museum badges. By the way, next week on 17th July it’s ‘Museum Badges’ (#MusBadges) day on Twitter. More info on how to participate via CultureThemes.

3. What makes you go “wow”? (Was findest du “wow”?)


There are so many things related to museums that make me go “wow!”, that’s what this blog is all about ;) So I’ll just have to pick out one of those many things at random. This Chinese headdress decorated with kingfisher feathers is pretty amazing! (which is why I currently have it set as the header on Museum Diary’s Facebook Fan Page). You can read more about the headdress on the National Museum of Scotland’s website.

4. What would you like? (Was hättest du gern?)


I would really, really like to hop over to Edinburgh for a day to see the new special exhibition about Mary, Queen of Scots at the National Museum of Scotland. She is totally my history crush, and I’ve heard the exhibition is excellent. I was gutted that it didn’t start until after our holiday in Edinburgh.

5. What’s a “must” for today? (Was muss heute sein?)


I think today’s the day I finally have to go and see the new special exhibition “The Whole Truth – everything you ever wanted to know about Jews” at the Jewish Museum Berlin, which has been receiving a lot of press coverage. And perhaps afterwards have some of the excellent cheesecake at the museum café…

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2 Responses to “Foto Frage Freitag #2”

  1. Katrin Says:

    Your wow-picture really made me think ‘wow’ – amazing! I love your program, and have a great time in Berlin and Hamburg!
    Greetings from Cologne,


  2. missmenke Says:

    Was für eine schöne, spezielle Seite. Ich liebe Kunstmuseen und Dauerausstellungen, dafür ist Hamburg sehr geeignet. :-)

    What a beautiful, special page. I love art museums and permanent exhibitions, Hamburg ist very suitable for it.


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