Back at the Mothership

July 1, 2013


Of course, no holiday in Edinburgh would be complete without a visit to the National Museum of Scotland. Actually, make that five visits! That’s the number of times we dropped by during our recent week in Edinburgh. Here are a few snapshots and new experiences to share with you.


“Moby the Stranded Whale” is a new addition to the Grand Gallery. Moby was “a sperm whale over 15 metres long and weighing nearly 40 tonnes” who “beached on a mudbank in the Firth of Forth on Easter Monday, 1997. He was the first sperm whale to be stranded in the Firth since 1769.” On our way in to the museum, we bumped in to the Head of Marketing, who asked if I’d photographed Moby and tweeted about him yet. Of course, I immediately obliged ;)


A favourite destination for #MuseumBaby is always Imagine, the hands-on gallery for families, which includes exhibits aimed specifically at the under 5s. Meanwhile, I had fun playing around with the new building blocks :)


Of course, car obsessed as he is, the F1 test drive car wasn’t going to get past #MuseumBaby. He just wouldn’t accept the fact that his legs were too short to reach the pedals, so I had to squeeze in with him!


A selection of the beautiful floor tiles on the north side of the old building:


I wasn’t expecting much of “Amazing Amber”, in fact, I was wondering how there was possibly enough things to say to fill a whole exhibition about it. I was wrong! If you’re in Edinburgh before 8 September, you should definitely pop in and see it.


#MuseumBaby is constantly amazing us, e.g. when he dragged me over to this funeral carriage and pointed out that it was just like a car. But without an engine! He’d obviously been paying attention to what his dad had been telling him – and then proceeded to walk around the gallery telling everyone who would listen, “Look! Car. No engine!” Tell me again that pre-school children don’t get anything out of museum visits? Go on, I dare you!


Back in the Imagine gallery, they have some really fun wall decals. One of my favourites is this hare jumping out of a tea pot. I had some fun with it in the ‘A Beautiful Mess’ photo app.


And finally, none of our five visits would have been complete without paying our dues to the Millennium Clock. As I mentioned in my previous post, we could spend hours sitting and watching it!!



(Race car photo and final clock photo taken by Simon Madine)


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