“Foto Frage Freitag”

June 28, 2013


Today you are getting a bonus post for the weekend, because I wanted to share a fun little online project with you that happens every Friday. Each week, Steffi – from the German design and food blog ‘Ohhhmhhh‘ asks 5 new questions, to which anyone can respond through photographs. That’s why it’s called ‘Foto Frage Freitag’ (Engl: Photo Question Friday).

I’ve taken part a few times before via my other blog, but up until now it’s never really been relevant to museums. But today’s questions just had ‘museum’ written all over them for me, so I thought, why not? In fact, I could easily have answered each question with my favourite museum of all time, so I did ;)

1. Always with pleasure? (Immer wieder gern?)


We never tire of watching the National Museum of Scotland’s amazing kinetic Millennium Clock. Ever hour on the hour, from 11am to 4pm, it springs in to action to the thunderous music of Bach.

2. Always Saturdays? (Immer Samstags?)


I had to use a bit of creative license here, as we don’t actually go here *every* Saturday (if only we could!), but what better place to have a marshmallow topped mug of hot chocolate than in the National Museum of Scotland’s Balcony Cafe. What a view!

3. Always beautiful? (Immer schön?)


The National Museum of Scotland’s Grand Gallery. What an architectural gem. It speaks for itself, really.

4. Always a good idea? (Immer ‘ne gute Idee?)


It’s always a good idea to take kids to the National Museum of Scotland. There are plenty of things to see, do, touch and explore across the building, as well as three dedicated hands-on children’s galleries, including one with an area for under 3s, and story time for babies too. You’ll feel right at home here as a family.

5. Just always! (Einfach immer!)

Okay, I’ve cheated a little bit on this one, as I’ve included a short film instead of a photo. If you watch it, you’ll know why I love the National Museum of Scotland so much. Always!

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