Museum Cocktail Week: Berry Berserkers

May 8, 2013


Are you ready for another cocktail? My spontaneous ‘Museum Cocktail Week’ really seems to be hitting it off. People are coming up with lots of fun names for museum inspired cocktails, I may do a round up later in the week. This next cocktail was inspired by my most favourite museum in the world – the National Museum of Scotland. In fact, not so much inspired as it was the cocktail featured at their Night of the Vikings event in February. Not only did the ‘Berry Berserker’ have a fantastic name, it also tasted delicious, so I simply had to try and recreate it at home. With just a list of ingredients, we experimented a little and eventually came up with the following recipe (and if you keep reading until the end of the post, there’s a little surprise for you).

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After the vigorous shaking involved in Monday’s Green Dinosaur cocktail, this one requires some gentle stirring instead and does not appreciate being knocked around too much. The museums ingredients for a Berry Berserker were: Jack Daniels, spiced berry cordial, ginger beer and lime. The husband much prefers Mr Beam to Mr Daniels, and the closest we could find to spiced berry cordial here in Berlin was blackcurrant sirup, so here’s what we came up with:

  • 1 shot of bourbon
  • 1/2 shot of blackcurrant sirup
  • 1/2 shot of fresh lime juice
  • ginger beer

Simply stir together the bourbon, sirup and lime juice in a tall glass (we like to use empty jam jars for our cocktails) and top up with ginger beer and some ice cubes. Decorate with slices of lime and a vintage straw and you’re good to go! (Notice our cute straw toppers? Keep reading!)


But we couldn’t help ourselves from experimenting some more with other sirups at hand, and discovered that an equally good combination is with cherry sirup and lemon juice. In fact, I think the Cherry Berserker was my favourite out of the two. By the way, you can also just leave out the Bourbon for a tasty virgin version of either cocktail.



So, did you notice the cute straw toppers inspired by the Lewis Chessmen in the National Museum of Scotland’s collection? Of course you did. Well, courtesy of @thingsinjars (a.k.a. the talented husband), who has designed these downloadable printables for you, you can now decorate your very own Berry and Cherry Berserker cocktails. Or why not make a party of it, they come in sheets of nine after all ;-) Just click the links to download, cut out the Berserkers and attach them to some straws with a piece of sticky tape. Cheers!

Berry Berserkers

Cherry Berserkers


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