{Germany} Here Kitty, Kitty

April 8, 2013


“Time spent with cats is never wasted.”
(Sigmund Freud)

With Freud’s quote in mind, my friend and I headed out to Berlin Lichterfelde a couple of weeks ago to visit the “Kleines Katzenmuseum”. Founder and owner Helmut Glantz is a big cat lover who has built up his private collection over a period of 40 years. The museum itself was opened 10 years ago, and is housed in a three room apartment that was rented specifically for this reason.

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As you make your way up to the first floor, you already know you’re in the right place by the cat figurines and window decorations in the stairwell. More cats greet you at the door, as does Mr Glantz himself, who personally takes his visitors around the exhibition. The collection includes cats in every shape or form imaginable , other than at shaped of course ;-) Next to over 1,000 porcelain cat figures and collectibles – including pieces by such famous names as Meissen – you will find cups and mugs, plates and tea pots, salt and pepper shakers, perfume bottles, snow globes, clocks and wrist watches, jewellery, stamps, book ends, lamps, pillows, pin cushions, thimbles, letter openers, wine stoppers, shoe horns, door mats, samplers and paintings, toys and much more. Particularly ironic was the cat adorned mouse trap! Knitted and embroidered, printed and painted, porcelain and glass, metal and emaille, wood and stone…you name it, Mr Glantz probably has a cat of its type in his very impressive collection, which ranges from Egyptian cats to Hello Kitty.


The exhibits range from 1880 until the present and are ordered thematically. When we asked Mr Glantz what his favourite exhibit was, he said he couldn’t possible choose, but one that he is particularly proud of is a set of white porcelain cats that he picked up at a flea market, and which were then painted by a Meissen flower artist and are now one of a kind. Many of the pieces in the collection were gifts or brought as souvenirs from holiday trips, though occasionally Mr Glantz has travelled especially to acquire an item if it seemed worth it. The majority of the collection is from Germany, but also includes pieces e.g. from England, France or Belgium.

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The “Kleines Katzenmuseum” is not a public museum, i.e. it has no regular opening times. Visits are by appointment (Phone 030 – 772 51 49), though there is also a doors open day once a year. The majority of visitors are cat lovers and private collectors, and of course curious people like us ;-)

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  1. Rosa Paula Says:

    It’s amazing how you can always find this one of a kind museums!
    Have a lovely week!



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