Museum Craft Corner: DIY Museum Fan T-shirt

April 5, 2013

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So I wanted to make #MuseumBaby a special T-shirt for our trip to Washington, D.C. First I was thinking about the obvious “I heart DC”, or a President’s shirt like on, but of course it didn’t take long for my mind to stray to museums. What’s my favourite museum in D.C.? The National Postal Museum. And who’s our homeboy there? Owney the Dog!


To make your very own ‘Museum Fan T-shirt’, just follow the steps below. You will need:

  • a computer and printer
  • a pair of scissors
  • some black and red felt
  • Some broad iron on WonderWeb with paper backing
  • a pencil
  • an iron
  • a plain T-shirt

photo (30)

Step 1: Print out your message at the size you want it. This is for a kid’s T-shirt. For an adult size T-shirt you probably won’t fit it all on to one line. I used the font ‘American Typewriter’.

photo (29)

Step 2: Realise that you actually wanted it all in upper case letters.

Step 3: Print it out again and cut out the letters.

photo (27)

Step 4: Iron a piece of the WonderWeb on to your felt according to instructions. I arranged the letters before hand and cut a piece to just the right size so that I wouldn’t be wasting any material.

Step 5: With your pencil, draw around the letters on the paper backing of the WonderWeb. Remember to draw around them in reverse so that they end up the right way round when you iron them on later (not that easy to tell from the picture as most of the letters look the same in reverse, but you can tell from the N).

photo (26)

Step 6: Cut the letters out again.

photo (25)

Step 7: Peel the backing off the letters, position them on your T-shirt and iron them on according to the WonderWeb instructions.

Step 8: Visit your favourite museum wearing your Fan T-shirt!


We also got a little Owney dog at the museum gift shop to commemorate our visit :-)

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