‘seum! Flugzeug!

February 6, 2013

Kids in Museums, Germany

After visiting the Aquadom and Sealife aquarium in Berlin during the Christmas holidays, I was pointing out to #MuseumBaby that there was a picture of it in one of his story books about Berlin, when he turned the page and exclaimed “‘seum! Flugzeug!”. And indeed, there was also a picture of the Deutsches Technikmuseum with its airplanes. I asked him if he wanted to visit the next day, and he shouted “Ja!!” Who am I to argue with that?


On our previous visits to the museum we’ve stuck to the train and car exhibits, but we though this time round we should explore something else – especially since it was the museum’s planes that #MuseumBaby had pointed out in the book. The route to the aviation exhibits led through the seafaring exhibits, so we made a stop there too. The wee man was totally fascinated with the ships in the bottles!


There are some fun and educational hands-on activities to do in the seafare section, such as boats that you could go inside or rigging the sails on a yacht. #MuseumBaby and his dad had some father and son bonding time figuring it out together.


As well as the sail rigging, there was also an opportunity to challenge yourself at some knots. This was too complicated for #MuseumBaby, but us adults both had a turn :-)


When we made it to the aviation exhibits, there was a lot of excited running around shouting “Flugzeug!”. Unlike with the ships, there were no hands-on exhibits for younger visitors or planes that you could go inside, but #MueumBaby was fascinated by the planes that had their interiors exposed and the one outside that you could stand directly underneath.




Finally, we could not finish our visit without a stop at #MuseumBaby’s beloved cars. He knows exactly where they are! And of course his most favourite thing of all is to sit inside the Trabant and drive – and pretend to run daddy over* ;-) As always, the Deutsches Technikmuseum is a great destination for a family day out, and their restaurant is real family friendly too and has some gluten free lunch options. It’s always a pleasure to visit.


*Please note that we don’t teach our son hat it’ funny or okay to run over people – but daddy making funny faces is funny.

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