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January 21, 2013


Last week was Berlin Fashion Week. Something that’s not hugely on my radar, I have to admit, but throw museums in to the equation and it’s a whole different story. I won some tickets to attend the Fashion Bridge Gala Show at the Museum für Kommunikation, so last Friday night you could find me sitting by the catwalk in the museum’s foyer where robots usually roam to greet the visitors.

The Fashion Bridge is an international festival that brings together talented young fashion professional from Western and Eastern Europe and Central Asia for a professional and cultural exchange. According to the Fashion Bridge website, “During the festival, participants are communicating their own culture and talent, but also interact with their colleagues from other countries to develop the deep understanding of international fashion business and trends, and most importantly, a global mindset.” The Gala Show presented the best collections of the participating designers.


There were 13 collections presented in total, including existing clothing brand ‘Mrs Pomeranz’, based in London and Moscow, with a collection of very wearable pretty summer dresses, and a special guest collection from the label WEIMANIN which focuses on femininity for all ages and sizes and included both mature and plus size models in the line up. The remaining collections included mainly fashion students and young designers from Kyrgyzstan and Russia, and while the show got off to a colourful start (see ‘TAKEIL’ by Alena Dubovaya above), it was mostly black, white, grey and natural colours that dominated.


One of the other collections that included some colour was Dmitri Pavlov’s ‘Knitted Color of the Day’ (see above). This was also my favourite out of all the collections presented. While I’m not so sure about the trip-length knitted skirts, some of the maxi cardigans looked gorgeous and I wouldn’t mind wearing one or the other (did I ever mention I have  weakness for knitwear?).


Almost as much fun as watching the models strut their stuff, was watching the photographers, all huddled at the foot of the catwalk, trying to get the perfect shot :-)


At the end of the night,  one of the young designers – the one with the collection that showed the most potential – was chosen to spend a month in Berlin to see their designs developed in to a commercial collection. I was of course rooting for the knitwear, but the prize went to Nurgul Akmatalieva for her collection ‘Shaggy’ (see above), in which she uses a self invented technology – also called ‘shaggy’ – to completely restructure basic fabrics.

All in all, it was a fun evening and I loved seeing the museum used for something a little out of the ordinary. Thanks again to the museum for the free tickets.

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    Lucky you – I can tell you wnjoyed it.


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    or even enjoyed it!


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