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November 23, 2012


Part of my mission in life is to convince people who still still conceive of museums being boring places full of dusty old stuff, or dusty places full of boring old stuff, that museums can in fact be anything from the uniquely bizarre to the unbelievably astounding. But if Museum Diary hasn’t convinced you yet, then perhaps ‘Museum Explorer’ will!

Recently released by the National Museum of Scotland, the Museum Explorer mobile app puts the fun in your museum visit by challenging you to go on a hunt for the museum’s fiercest, oldest, smelliest, ugliest, fairest, strongest, bloodiest and tallest exhibits.

For each object, you’re given up to three clues to help you find it (though if you do get stumped then the app will give you a little help), and once you’ve successfully tracked it down you can enter its four-digit code to unlock a special explorer badge. If you find them all, you can even unlock a bonus mystery object at the end!

As well as earning your badges, you can capture your finds on camera – each object comes with its own unique frame – and share it with your friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook or Email. Once you’ve unlocked an object you’ll also be able to access some additional information about it.

The museum estimates that it will take you about an hour to find all the objects, which you can of course also spread over several visits, as did we – but I was being guided by a rather strong minded toddler who was more intent on trying to get in to the F1 Car than completing the trail, I can’t say how long it took us exactly.

If you manage to complete all the challenges, you can call yourself an Ultimate Explorer! I definitely had heaps of fun, and I’m sure you would too. You can download the Museum Explorer app from the iTunes store. The app is free, and compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.


Note: All images are screenshots taken on my iPhone whilst using the Museum Explorer app.

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