Would you like to Adopt-a-Museum?

November 1, 2012


Between the blogging bootcamp and my trip to Armenia, things have been so busy here that I completely forgot to share an exciting piece of news with you – we featured our 50th museum on the Adopt-a-Museum project! Not only that, but it was also our first Australian museum (the Abbey Museum in Queensland) to add to the map.

For the benefit of my new readers, I should perhaps add another recap of what the project is about. Adopt-a-Museum started in July 2011, with the aim of putting some of the “unsung heroes of the museum world” into the spotlight. Those museums that aren’t famous and don’t appear on any of the “most popular” or “must see” lists, but are too fabulous to miss none the less. Each week, we feature a new museum on the Adopt-a-Museum blog, introduced by a different person. Which museums, cities and countries get featured is decided entirely by the participants. Our aim is to feature at least 100 museums!

The features take the form of a Q&A, so we send a set of 5 questions to interested participants, which they answer and send back to us with a photo, if they have one, otherwise we try to source one. The blog is in English, but we also accept submissions in German (which then get translated). We’re always on the look out for new participants, especially from countries where we haven’t featured any museums yet, so if you know the perfect little museum you’d like us to put the spotlight on, please get in touch! Every participant also receives one of our exclusive “I Adopted A Museum” stickers as a thank you.


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5 Responses to “Would you like to Adopt-a-Museum?”

  1. Marianne Says:

    Hi Jenni,
    Thank you for commenting on my blog and reminding me of the comment train. I registered but sort of forgot about it . I have been busy this week, but will have more time next week and try to comment on as many blogs as i can then.
    Take care,


  2. kittybaroque Says:

    I REALLY love this idea, HOW cool!!! I’ve been to a teeny chapel in a place called Monterchi open only for an hour a day with an old man who comes to open the museum just for you – was to view a Piero Della Francesca Madonna del Parto (the only pregnant Madonna I think…) – actually my FAVE painting EVERY, I LOVE Piero <3 I know not 'strictly' a museum, but still kinda awesome…. Off to have a peek at the site X


    • jennifuchs Says:

      Thank you Kitty, we’ll be accepting submissions until we reach 100, so if you think of a museum you’d like to submit, just get in touch.


  3. Ruth Says:

    Great idea to adopt a museum! I’m a fellow German, living in Australia and I will keep my eyes open for interesting little museums from now on. There might be a few more that can be added to the Australia list :-) I think it’s great that you blog about museums, you are definitely covering a niche there! Best wishes from Ruth (BYW)


    • jennifuchs Says:

      Thank you Ruth, it would be great to extend the Australian list. Museums is definitely a niche :-) It started out as a blog for peers, but then I decided there were enough of those already and changed track to make it more of a personal diary that would appeal to anyone. I like getting creative to see what all I can tie museums in with.


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