My Friend Ali

October 17, 2012


For this week’s blogging bootcamp exercise we’ve been asked to blog about someone whom we admire that is somehow related to our blog content. Well, for me that obviously narrows it down to museums. The thing is, I’ve met so many amazing people in the ten years or so I’ve been working in museums. But after much thought, I’d really like to tell you about my friend Ali.

Ali worked with me at National Museums Scotland. She was part of the Visitor Services team before she joined us in the Department for Learning and Programmes. We were the department that put on all the programmes and events for schools, families, adults, any visitors really. Ali started out as a Learning and Programme Assistant, then when one of our Learning and Programmes Officers left she stood in, and eventually made the post her own when it was advertised to be filled. Alongside this, she studied for an MA in Museum  Studies, which she passed with distinction. I admire Ali for working her tenacity and determination in working her way up to her dream job. More so, I admire her for her endless energy and enthusiasm, and the way she throws herself into everything whole heartedly, whether that’s coming up with fabulous ideas for family craft workshops alongside the latest exhibition, or hosting a staff quiz to raise money for charity; lifting everyone’s spirits with a Friday afternoon dance-off in the office, or wrangling an 8 foot tall animatronic T-rex. She was the Christmas elf to my Santa and an honorary bridesmaid at my wedding. Ali love her job and loves the museum. It shines through in everything she does. She is not only a great friend to have, but also a great asset to the museum world.


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