Happy 1st Birthday #newnms

July 29, 2012


Animatronic dinosaur at National Museum of Scotland

Remember Rexy? A year ago today we was entertaining the crowds outside the National Museum of Scotland at its grand reopening after a three year major refurbishment. At the time, we were right in the middle of organising our relocation from Edinburgh to Berlin (in fact, the husband had already gone ahead), but wild horses could not have kept me away. In the following weeks, #MuseumBaby and I took the excuse of the reopening to escape the removal chaos at home, and systematically explored all the new galleries, one by one. I blogged about each of the galleries, including things to see and do and my personal highlights. To mark the occasion of one year after reopening, I’ve summed all my gallery reviews up in this one blog post. If you haven’t been to see the new galleries yet, I hope you’ll find the reviews useful. Oh, and before I forget, HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY!!

Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor


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