Crowdsourced Christmas Tree

December 5, 2011


Right, that’s the Secret Santa 2.0 sorted out. 37 people (including myself) from 8 different countries signed up. I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone in matching up and sending out all the names – such a responsibility!

Next thing, I need to sort out a Christmas tree. Due to #MuseumBaby’s tendency to pull out, pull down or pull apart anything decorative, and having witnessed his hands-on approach to the airport Christmas trees during our recent trip to Edinburgh, we thought it best to skip getting a tree this year as I’m not sure it would survive even a day. But Christmas without a Christmas tree? I had to find an alternative solution. So, I just painted a tree (luckily my limited drawing skills could stretch to this^^).

Now I need to decorate it. I already have a tree topper and some candles to go up, but what’s still missing are some nice baubles. So, I’m calling for your help in decorating my tree by designing a bauble – nothing fancy, just a simple round bauble, i.e. a circle, with a diameter of about 10cm. If you’re confident using Photoshop, knock yourself out on that, otherwise just draw one (draw around the rim of a mug for a perfect circle!) and scan it in, and email it to info[at]museum140[dot]com. Or if you prefer to send it the old fashioned way, email me for our postal address.

It doesn’t have to be museum related, though museum-y designs are of course particularly appreciated, and please remember it’s a family tree so nothing rude ;-) If there’s too many baubles to fit on the tree, I’ll choose my favourites, and out of ALL the entries that are sent in by 20 December #MuseumBaby will pick one name randomly out of a hat and I’ll send them a wee surprise Christmas parcel.


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