11 Museum Photos on 11/11/11

November 15, 2011


Earlier in the week I wrote about our new Museum140 project Museum Exposure (#MusExp11), which invited everyone to help capture museum activity around the world on 11/11/11. Of course, I also too part myself.

Click on the thumbnails to view the images in full size.

I started my #MusExp11 day by capturing the museum-y view from our balcony: to the right a giant advert pointing towards the Berlinische Galerie, Berlin’s museum for modern art, architecture and photography. To the left, the Academy building of the Jewish Museum Berlin (JMB) which is currently in the making and due to open 2012. Actually, you can see the JMB from our balcony too, but my lens wasn’t wide angle enough to capture all three of them.

Then I thought I’d take #MusExp11 as an incentive to explore a new museum, so I took the boy and myself off to the Deutsches Technikmuseum. There, amongst other things, we learned how to write our names in Bits (in the computer technology section), and watched a film about recycling an old soldier’s jumper in a boy’s sweater vest (in the textile technology section) – a very laborious process with a very scratchy result! We also had lunch in the museum café to the backdrop of a giant loom and an airplane!

After a short break at home for the boy to have some play time before being strapped back in to the pram, we went next door to have afternoon tea in the Glashof (glass courtyard) at JMB. Afterwards we went to take some photographs of some of our favourite JMB exhibits, including Menashe Kadishman’s art installation Fallen Leaves, a tree where you can write a wish on a pomegranate and hang it up, and a giant garlic bulb!

All in all, a very successful #MusExp11 day for us. The project itself was quite successful too. To date, over 170 participants have signed up and almost 400 photographs uploaded so far. The group will stay open for a bit longer though, to give everyone a chance to upload their photos without stressing. So, if you didn’t sign up before but happened to take some photographs on 11/11/11, it’s not to late to add them to the project. Perhaps we can even make it to 200 participants?!


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