Chocolate Week

October 10, 2011


Today marks the beginning of Chocolate Week in the UK, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to check out the Ritter Sport Bunte Schoko Welt in Berlin. Granted, it’s leaning more towards commercial tourist attraction than museum, but as well as their shop and cafe they also have a ‘Schokopfad’ (Chocolate Path) where you can learn all about chocolate, from growing and harvesting right through to the bars of chocolate you buy off the shelf.

Chocolate Path - Cultivation

Chocolate Path - Production

In ‘Cultivation of Cocoa’ you get introduced to the cacao blossom, fruit and tree, and there’s a TV screen showing a short film about cacao farming. ‘Production’ covers all stages of chocolate production, including roasting, peeling, grinding, mixing, fine rolling, conching, moulding, cooling and wrapping. In the little cinema, another film shows the history of the Ritter Sport family company, from its foundation in 1912, through the invention of the famous square chocolate bar in 1932, right up to the over 20 varieties available today. Did you know that ‘Voll Nuss’ (whole nut) is the most popular flavour, or that it would take 30,666 bars of Ritter Sport to reach the height of the Berlin TV Tower? In the final section, ‘Ritter Sport Friends’, you can watch Ritter Sport TV adds, selecting by decade from 1956 to 2008, current, or international, or test your Ritter Sport and chocolate knowledge on the giant quiz wall.

Ritter Sport Chocolate Quiz

All that talk about chocolate will probably make you want to eat some (well, it worked for me anyway). If the over 20 flavours available in the shop are not enough for you, then you can design your own chocolate creation to take home with you. Simply decide whether you want milk or dark chocolate as your base, select up to three ingredients from gummi bears or yoghurt flakes to chilli or rose pepper, and pick it up 30 minutes later. While you’re waiting, you could have some chocolate fondue or salad with chocolate dressing in the SchokoLounge.

OK, so there’s probably better chocolate museums out there, e.g. check out this list on the Chocolate Wrappers Museum website for a selection, but for something fun and free (except, of course, for any chocolate you buy) to do in Berlin I’d say it was worth a visit.


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