A Day at the Races

October 3, 2011


This past weekend, we spent a day at the races courtesy of the Deutsches Currywurst Museum. There’s a horse and cart racing track south of where we live, and we’d won a family ticket from the museum, which was hosting the races. We’re enjoying an Indian summer here in Berlin, with temperatures still over 20°C, so it was a nice day for an outing. And Qwoo, the Currywurst Museum’s mascot, was there to greet everyone.


#MuseumBaby didn’t quite know what to make of the giant Currywurst, but we posed for photos anyway and were given some sample sachets of curry powder blend and some gummi bear sweets (the latter didn’t taste of curry^^). I’ll have to think of something special to cook with the curry powder.


I’ve never before been to any kind of races, so I found it quite exciting, and #MuseumBaby was also full of amazement at the horses racing past.




During the break, Qwoo hitched a ride on one of the carts and did a few laps of honour round the track, which was fun.


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