Reykjavík Museum of Photography

October 12, 2009


Despite having managed to cover a lot of Reykjavík’s museums during the conference last week, we still managed to find some more we hadn’t visited. The Reykjavík Museum of Photography is an independent museum with an annual programme of changing exhibitions. It’s small but admission is free, and with around ten exhibitions each year there will no doubt always be something new to discover. We spent some time there in their current exhibition ‘Ma France’ by Hungarian born photographer André Kertesz, which chronicled scenes from everyday life in Paris’ literary and artistic circles during the early 20th century. It was definitely a discovery. I had never heard of Kertesz before, but fell in love with his photography straight away – you could really feel his compositions coming to life. It was well worth a visit and if we ever come to Reykjavík again, which I hope we do, I will definitely be back to see what else I can discover.


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