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MuseumABC – K to O

September 25, 2013


As you may have heard by now, things are a bit different on Museum Diary this week. I’m sharing my A to Z choices for the MuseumABC project, which we’re running over at Museum140 for Social Media week. There’s more info on the project itself, and how you can get involved, on the Museum140 website. Here is my selection for the letters K to O: K is for…Kids in Museums A topic close to my heart. Why not check out the Kids-in-Museums archive on Museum Diary! […]

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{USA} A Newsworthy Museum

May 1, 2013


Every since my first visit to Washington, D.C., I’ve wanted to visit the Newseum. We associate news with something that’s happening right now, something that’s new. If it’s no longer current, we talk of it as old news. But ‘old news’ also documents our history, so I was fascinated by the idea of a museum all about ‘The News’. The museum bills itself as a place where “five centuries of news history meets up-to-the-second technology” (visitor brochure). You start your visit in the basement concourse, […]

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Kids in Museums: Washington, D.C. Edition

April 29, 2013


When I tell people we went to see 17 different museums and galleries (well, 16 + the Zoo, but it’s a Smithsonian too) during our holiday in Washington, D.C., responses have included “how can you take them all in?” and “you must be insane, and with a toddler in tow too!” First of all, we were there for two weeks and we didn’t really do much else than visit museums – D.C. is like a proverbial sweetie shop for museum lovers – so that makes […]

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