{Germany} Biopolis – Wild Berlin

July 16, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, our lovely guest blogger Mel mentioned the Biopolis exhibition in her post about toddler testing the Museum für Naturkunde here in Berlin. Well, this past weekend we took a family trip (3 generations!) to the museum, and saw the exhibition for ourselves. As the museum mention on their website, the exhibition shows “the wild side of the capital and merging the notions of biodiversity and metropolis”. There are lots of life size city scape backdrops, with plenty of opportunity for #MuseumBaby to practice his favourite new word, “Auto” – and taxidermy displays of the animals you can find around the city. Particularly cute was a wild boar family. We got a telling off for touching the exhibits (it was granny Scotland, mind you, not #MuseumBaby!), but on the other hand this is a museum where no one seems to mind small kids running around and squealing with excitement. The exhibition is still showing until the 31st July. It is fairly small, but if you combine it with the dinosaur hall, the solar system AV show and the animal diversity wall, then you’ll definitely get a worthwhile visit out of it. Here are a couple of pictures from Biopolis (okay, so there are no elephants in Berlin, the first picture is from the Land of Elephants exhibition, which #MuseumBaby wouldn’t let us look around^^).



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