Museum Visits 2012: Half Way Review

July 6, 2012


Those of you who have been following this blog for a while, will know that I love making lists. For example, my lists about songs featuring museums, or movies set in museums, or my ‘52 Museums in 52 weeks‘ list. Just over a year ago, I reported on Listgeeks, a social media site aimed at people who love to make lists. Of course, as with most things, I immediately hijacked it with museums in mind and created lots of museum lists! The great things about Listgeeks though, is that as well as creating lists from scratch, if you come across a list on someone else’s profile that you like the sound of, you can create your own version. You do this either by dragging and dropping items from existing lists to your own one, or adding new items by typing them into your list. The fun bit is that you can then not only compare your version of the list with other users, but there is also a function which calculates the list average.

I’ve just added another list to my listgeeks account.  I’m not doing another ’52 Museums in 52 Weeks’ challenge this year, but – of course – I’m still keep a list of all the museums I’ve visited. As we’re now half way through the year, I thought it would be a good moment to take stock. So far this year, I’ve managed 37 museum visits, with a total of 23 different museums visited as I have visited some of them more than once. Out of those 23, I visited 11 museums in just five days, during my trip to Barcelona! The National Museum of Scotland and the Jüdisches Museum Berlin are currently level pegging as ‘most visited museum’, with seven visits each. Here’s my list covering January to June:

  1. Jüdisches Museum Berlin (Jan)
  2. Jüdisches Museum Berlin (Jan)
  3. Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin (Jan)
  4. DDR Museum, Berlin (Jan)
  5. Jüdisches Museum Berlin (Jan)
  6. Anti-Kriegs Museum, Berlin (Jan)
  7. Zucker Museum, Berlin (Jan)
  8. Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (Jan)
  9. Königliche Porzellan Manufaktur, Berlin (Jan)
  10. Schloss Charlottenburg Neuer Flügel, Berlin (Jan)
  11. Jüdisches Museum Berlin (Feb)
  12. Museum of Fire, Edinburgh (Feb)
  13. National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (Feb)
  14. National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (Feb)
  15. National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (Feb)
  16. Museum für Naturkunde, Berlin (Mar)
  17. Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin (Mar)
  18. Museum für Kommunikation, Berlin (Mar)
  19. Riverside Museum, Glasgow (Apr)
  20. National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (Apr)
  21. National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (Apr)
  22. National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (Apr)
  23. National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh (Apr)
  24. Museu del Perfum, Barcelona (May)
  25. Museu de l’Erotica, Barcelona (May)
  26. Museu Moto, Barcelona (May)
  27. Museu del Calçat (Shoe Museum), Barcelona (May)
  28. Museum de la Xocolata, Barcelona (May)
  29. Museu Europeu d’Art Modern, Barcelona (May)
  30. Museo del Mamut, Barcelona (May)
  31. Museu Olímpic i de l’Esport, Barcelona (May)
  32. Casa Museu Gaudi, Barcelona (May)
  33. Museu Picasso, Barcelona (May)
  34. Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (May)
  35. Jüdisches Museum Berlin (May)
  36. Jüdisches Museum Berlin (June)
  37. Jüdisches Museum Berlin (June)

What museums have you visited so far this year? Why not make a list on listgeeks ;-)

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