Very Inspiring Blogger Award

June 15, 2012


I’ve been nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award by Theresa from The Exhibition List. How lovely! Thank you! I think Theresa’s blog is also pretty inspiring – it offers a platform for museum lovers to share their experiences of museums, galleries and historic places with the world. As soon as I get my new work/life balance sorted, I’m hoping to contribute something to The Exhibition List too. So, here’s how the award works:

  • Thank the person who gave you the award with a link to their blog (see above).
  • Tell them – and, presumably,  all your other readers – 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 7 other blogs for the award.

So, first thing’s first. Here are 7 things about myself. Since this is Museum Diary, they are all more or less museum related ;-)

  1. I’m German but have lived in Scotland for more than half my life. Everyone thinks I got homesick for Germany after all those years, but it was actually the Scottish husband’s work that brought us to Berlin. Now I’ve recently started working for the National Museums in Berlin.
  2. Last year I visited 56 museums in 5 different countries. My son, a.k.a. #MuseumBaby, had visited 20 different museums in 4 different countries by the time he was 1 year old
  3. My favourite museum in the whole wide world is the National Museum of Scotland. I’ve been in love with it for almost 30 years now, and still count myself lucky that I got to work there for a while.
  4. My favourite movie is Mary Poppins. My favourite movie set in a museum is The Thomas Crown Affair (1999).
  5. These days there’s a museum for everything, and I love discovering those unique little gems. The most bizarre museums I’ve visited include ones on phalluses, parasites and broken relationships.
  6. The first time I went to do an internship at the Smithsonian I didn’t entirely know what it was, but someone else was paying for the trip so I thought it would be a good idea to sign up. My internship supervisor was an Oscar winning film maker.
  7. My favourite flavour of ice-cream is woodruff.

The second set of 7 is a lot harder. I read so many blogs that it’s hard to choose. As I don’t spend 24 hours just immersed in museums – contrary to popular belief – my 7 recommendation are a mix of both museum and culture blogs, as well as some of the many lifestyle and food blogs I follow. I could have named a lot more.

  1. Museumsreif – Sebastian Hartmann’s, a.k.a. @MuseumsHeld, blog about museums and the social web reports on lots of new, exciting, innovative and inspirational museum exhibitions, events and developments.
  2. The Pickle Project – Linda Norris & Sarah Crow’s inspiring blog documenting traditional foodways in communities throughout the Ukraine.
  3. The Feast Bowl – I really love National Museums Scotland blog approach, where staff share their work and experiences . It’s different, and it gives the organisation a face. Or many faces, in fact.
  4. sisterMAG – Sisters Toni & Thea created their digital magazine for ‘the versatilely interested and active woman of today’. They also run an inspiring blog alongside it.
  5. Funkytime – This lifestyle blog I discovered last year is full of inspiring ideas and just bursting with colour and, well, funkyness ;-)
  6. The House That Lars Built – There are so many other inspiring lifestyle blogs I could have chosen, but this is one I discovered recently and enjoy dipping in to.
  7. Anne’s Kitchen – Besides museums, I absolutely love cooking and baking, and Anne’s simply gorgeous food photography is a real inspiration.
So, I hope you enjoyed finding out some more about me and maybe discovering some new and inspirational blogs. Have a great weekend, and I’ll be back next week with more museum reviews.


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  1. Theresa Macaulay Says:

    Thanks Jenni, What a wonderful selection of blogs to get my teeth into. Looking after a little one a new job! You certainly have your hands full. If Mary Poppins can do it i’m sure you. I’ll be in Berlin in September for a few days. It’d be great if we could meet for coffee or woodruff ice cream, never had that before…


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