Museum Mascots on Social Media: Part 3

February 24, 2012

England, USA

24 February 2012

Welcome to the third and final part of Owney the Dog’s series of guest posts about some of his fellow museum mascots on social media. Of course, you can also follow Owney himself on Twitter and Facebook.

I’m Friends with Two Mummies, a Mammoth, a Sabertooth Cat, and an 1800s Tavernkeeper, and You Can Be, Too!

By Owney the Dog, a real, 1890s terrier mutt who gained fame and the admiration of postal workers by exploring the country by mail train and acting as a good luck charm to ward off wrecks, now a resident of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum in Washington, DC.

Large beasts, short tweets

It’s hard for Sandy the Mammoth to pick a profile picture for her social media uses because the Columbian mammoth is mostly underground. So far we know she has a nice femur but the rest of her is still undergoing excavation in Southeastern New Mexico. Once she’s above soil, she’ll make her home at the Western Heritage Museum Complex and Lea County Cowboy Hall of Fame in Hobbs, New Mexico. Sandy is around 13,000 years old. She remembers living in a green, lush environment with lots of lakes but isn’t sure exactly how she died. She thinks a lake may have been involved because aquatic snail fossils have been found around her. “The snails are my friends, but I can’t understand them,” she says. “I need to learn to speak snail!” Sandy is popular on Facebook, Twitter, and has her own Tumblr. It cracks me up to think of a huge mammoth befriending little snails (and typing tweets)!

Lotus the Hippo may not be quite as large as Sandy but she has the advantage of being above ground. She’s a beautiful, climb-on-able sculpture outside the Krasl Art Center in St. Joseph, Michigan, where she has an incredible view of Lake Michigan. She’s friends with the other sculptures and is a big photography enthusiast. She tweets about local events and is kind of like an ambassador for her art center. She’s made of bronze and doesn’t seem to be bothered by cold temperatures.

Oisin the Deer is only slightly younger than Sandy the Mammoth – Giant Irish deer became extinct about 10,000 years ago. (I think that’s before MySpace, let alone Twitter!) Oisin (pronounced “o-sheen”) has some very, very large antlers and these overlook the Market Hall Museum in Warwickshire, England, along with the rest of him. He resided in a peat bog for quite a while but is now out and about, tweeting about museum happenings, cave paintings, and, occasionally, chocolate.

If you’ve befriended all these characters and still feel lonely, I also recommend the following:

Camilla Corona SDO is not only a very well-traveled rubber chicken but also the NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory’s Mission Mascot. Diplodocus carnegii – a.k.a. Dippy – is a fascinating dino on display at the Natural History Museum in London that you can’t help but love.

Previously in Parts 1 & 2: Three marvelous mummies; A seafaring dog and a sabertooth cat; A tavernkeeper and a miner

[All images courtesy of the respective museum mascots.]


I’d like to say a huge thank you to Owney for his wonderful series of guest posts this week. I hope it’s inspired you to follow some more museum mascots, and if the ones Owney has introduced aren’t enough for you, we have a more extensive Twitter list of exhibits, art works, animals, mascots & historical or cultural characters that tweet about the museums or other organisations they ‘live’ in.

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