Museum-y Christmas Gift Guide: Part 2

December 14, 2011


Children love Christmas, and a Christmas gift guide wouldn’t be complete without a few suggestions for the kids in your life. It’s never too early to start them on museums I say (our wee man had visited 20 different museums by his first birthday!), so here are some ‘Kids in Museums’ gift ideas (all suggestions run left to right, top to bottom):

For Kids Who Love Museums

  1. You can never go wrong with a toy dinosaur, such as this adorable Stegosaurus from Wild Republic. It’s even endorsed by the Natural History Museum, who also have a range of other dinosaurs in their online shop. Pssst…don’t tell the boy that he’s getting one of these from Santa (image source: Amazon).
  2. How about a volcano making kit for a budding young scientist? (image source: Amazon).
  3. Ravensburger’s History of Art Memory Game gives an arty twist to the world’s most popular matching paris game by taking you on a journey through some of the best known museums in the world and their most famous paintings (image source: Amazon).
  4. This wooden set of ‘World Heritage in a Box’ from Muji includes Stonehenge and the pyramids (image source: Muji Christmas Shop)

For Little Book Worms

  1. Aileen Paterson’s ‘What Maisie did Next’ is set in Edinburgh, in none other than the National Museum of Scotland. Find out what happens to Maisie the cat after she falls asleep during a game of hide and seek and gets locked inside the museum (image source: Amazon)
  2. A different Maisy, this time a mouse, goes to visit a museum with her friends in this delightful story by Lucy Cousins (image source: Amazon)
  3. I don’t like recommending books I’ve never read myself (the main reason I haven’t made any book recommendation for adults, as it turns out I’ve hardly read any of the many museum themed ones on offer), but this touch and feel book featuring famous works of art sounds like great fun and is definitely going on my wish list for the boy. As well as ‘Brush Mona Lisa’s Hair’, the Touch the Art series includes other titles such as ‘Make Van Gogh’s Bed’ or ‘Count Monet’s Lilies’ (image source: Amazon)
  4. This is another book I’ve not yet read but is on my wish list for the boy. ‘Mein Wallraf’ (Engl. ‘My Wallraf’) was published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum in Germany. It’s a ‘Wimmelbilderbuch’ (lit. ‘teeming picture book’), which includes picture scenes with lots of different things going on that children can spot, explore and talk about. Often they are scenes such as a city or a farm, but in this case its the museum featuring five pages of scenes including both the public galleries but also things you don’t usually get to see like the restoration or storage areas. As a bonus, famous paintings are not illustrated but represented by actual photographs (image source: Amazon).


Don’t forget, the Museum-y Christmas Gift Guide: Part 1 includes suggestions for Museum Lovers, Movie Buffs and Big Kids.


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