Christmas Elves for Charity

December 6, 2011


Happy St Nicholas Day! At the risk of turning into a Christmas blog, especially since today’s post has nothing to do with museums (just a very vague link to Museum140), I wanted to write about a fundraiser here in Germany that we got involved with:

The start up company Spieltz sells board games printed on canvas, and you can also create your own games and have them printed. This Christmas, to raise money for the Project Human Aid which supports children in Burundi, they created a crowdsourced game called “Weihnachtswichtel Roulette”, which roughly translates as “Christmas Elves Roulette”. Anyone could take part and send in a picture of a Weihnachtswichtel they had created, either drawn on the computer or drawn by hand and scanned in. As well as raffling off some prizes amongst all the participants, 37 Wichtel were selected for the final Roulette game. This game is now available both to download and print out, but also to buy from Spieltz in their unique canvas format, with all proceeds going to the Project Human Aid. And it comes with a bag of sweets to use as playing chips for your first round (once eaten, you’ll have to restock yourselves^^).

As you have probably guessed by now, Museum140 also submitted a Wichtel, and we are very proud that it was selected for the Roulette game (number 4 on the board):

Spieltz are now asking all participants to share the stories behind their Wichtel creations, which is kind of what led to this blog post. I’m afraid our story isn’t very long, we basically decided we wanted to submit a Wichtel that represented Museum140, so we ended up with a Social Media Wichtel. We stuck to the traditional Christmas colours, but gave him a slightly geeky look with black glasses (actually, they’re the same kind as I wear!) and iPhone in hand of course, and his outfit is decorated with typical symbols from the world of social media and the web (@, #, www). It was a true joint effort from team Museum140, with the original sketch done by me by hand, and then @thingsinjars living up to his tech support role by recreating it for me in Photoshop.

If you’re still looking for Christmas gifts, why not check out Spieltz and consider buying the Weihnachtswichtel Roulette. You’ll be getting a fun game as well as supporting Project Human Aid, so in a way you’ll be giving the gift of Christmas twice :-)


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