Ask an Audience Research Officer

August 5, 2011


What a busy week or two it has been! First I was Member of the Week on the Emerging Museum Professionals Network, then I had scheduled the Deutsches Röntgen Museum to feature on Adopt-a-Museum (my own choice that had given birth to the whole project in the first place), and finally I was a guest blogger on the National Museums Scotland Feastbowl blog, reflecting on my time as Audience Research Officer. In between, I’ve been going to the recently re-opened National Museum of Scotland almost every day, trying to see all the new galleries before our move to Berlin, never mind packing for the move itself. Oh, and did I mention we’re trying to get the new ICOM-CECA website ready for launch at the annual conference in September?

If there ever was a better time to tie up loose ends and make ready for new beginnings, this is it. We’ve had Ask-a-Curator and Ask-an-Archivist, but I don’t know if it’s likely we’ll ever have Ask-an-Audience-Researcher, so here’s your chance to ask me anything. Preferably related to my work, whether that’s with National Museums Scotland, the Visitor Studies Group, ICOM-CECA, or Museum140. Of course, if you really want to ask me what my favourite flavour of ice-cream is, go ahead. As long as the questions vaguely make sense and are not too personal, I’ll give it my best shot at answering them.

Please note that I can of course only speak from my personal experience, and not on behalf of any of the organisations or committees I have worked for. I’ll be picking up any questions on this blog. So, go ahead and feel free to ask me anything!


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