{Japan} Umbrella Parking Lot

July 17, 2011


I’ve been going through my photography archives and thought this one ws quite apt for the recent torrential downpours we’ve been having in Edinburgh. Museums are known to be popular wet weather destinations. But what to do with your wet umbrella? Having visited museums lacking cloakrooms or lockers in the past, options included walking around holding a dripping umbrella at arm’s length, stuffing it in a subsequently increasingly soggy handbag, or leaving it in an umbrella stand only to find it missing on leaving (and it still raining, of course).

The solution to the problem is this umbrella ‘parking lot’ outside Tokyo National Museum, with space for hundreds of umbrellas which can be securely left behind while you enjoy the latest exhibition, and easily re-located as long as you remember your number. We saw similar umbrella lots in other places in Japan, but none as vast as this one at the National Museum.


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