{Wales} St Fagans National History Museum

March 1, 2011


In honour of St David’s Day I’ve pulled together a wee photoset of images from previous visits to St Fagans National History Museum in Wales.

Abernodwydd Farmhouse close up

It’s an open air museum with over forty different buildings, including a church, a school, a post office, a grocery store, various different farmhouses through the ages, a working bakery and even a castle with beautiful gardens.

Sheep & Abernodwydd Farmhouse

Working the fields

Don't feed the pigs

It’s a museum close to my heart, since I did an internship there during my museum studies training, and in a recent interview on the Museumist blog I chose it as the museum I would most like to move in to for a month^^

Gwalia Stores & Cockpit

Gwalia Stores close up

Lamp post & bench

If you’ve never been before, then I hope this whets your appetite and I recommend you check it out next time you’re in the greater Cardiff area.

Celtic village

Castle gardens

Castle gardens

Golden gate

Celtic know


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