{Scotland} 125 Years of Aberdeen Art Gallery

September 9, 2010


I was in Aberdeen earlier this week for work, and had the opportunity to look around Aberdeen Art Gallery which was celebrating its 125 Year Anniversary. The exhibition showed a selection of the most significant items in the collection across different historical eras, ranging from a remarkably well preserved 6th century Greek war helmet, an 18th century tea service and 19th century firearms, to 20th century enamelled jewellery, a safety hat and drill bit from a North Sea oil platform, and a 21st century futuristic looking silver and blue aluminium coffee pot.

Being an art gallery, there were also many paintings on display, including both a number if Aberdeen born artists as well as more famous names such as Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Claude Monet. And seeing as Aberdeen is known as the ‘Granite City’, the exhibition would not be complete without the display of polished granite samples, which represent the varieties being used in Aberdeen’s granite yards at the turn of the 20th century.

Given my personal interest in photography, one of the exhibits that most stood out for me was a late 19th century black and white glass plate negative print of the Moon. Photographer George Washington Wilson worked together with astronomer David Gill, and with their combined knowledge of photography and astronomic knowledge of the Moon, their captured images were among the first to be taken through a telescope.

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