Portrait a Day

January 9, 2010


While honeymooning in Reykjavík last October, we read about an exhibition by photography student Ernir Eyjólfsson being held in Gallery Tukt. The downtown building was easy to locate, though getting inside it was another matter, but we persevered as it was the last day it was on show and sounded really interesting.

Ernir had spent the summer, i.e. June to August, taking one portrait every day, with a total of 92 photographs on display. While the concept of ‘a photo a day’ is nothing new, Ernir’s portraits captured Icelandic people in their own environment, at work during their usual day to day activities. The result showed a perspective of Icelandic society as it is today, quite different from the one available to the average tourist through guidebooks and the like. Although the exhibition itself has finished, Ernir’s photographs are still available on his Flickr profile.


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